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Is Your Water Management Plan Up-To-Date?

Posted by IWC Innovations on Jan 7, 2021


With the start of 2021, many of us are looking at both personal and professional goals we hope to accomplish. Making sure your business or facility is safe for your customers and employees is always at the top of your list, and is the same in 2021. Keeping your water management plan up to date is even more crucial than it has been in the past.




2020 was toilsome on building water systems and facilities nationwide in abounding ways. Facilities personnel missed work and were unable to complete everyday tasks due to sickness or quarantine. These absences and shortages amongst staff led to the unfulfillment of everyday tasks. Buildings fell behind in compliance with local and national mandates and regulations. Additionally, restricted access to specific areas of buildings also caused normal water system control measures to go unperformed.


It is essential to make sure your water management plan is up to date and that your building is protected from waterborne pathogens. If your facility were to experience any type of outbreak, the first document the department of health will ask to see is your water management plan. If it is not updated properly, facilities will face stringent legal and monetary ramifications.


• Making sure your water management plan is renewed and up to date will:


• Strengthen the overall defensibility of your water management plan


• Maintain legal compliance for your facility


• Lead to a successful water management program


• Keep your facility in compliance with water safety standards and regulations,

to mitigate risk


• Retain effective building water system best practices


• Allow for due diligence as a corporate steward to keep your building and those who occupy it safe




Allow your program team to make the best decisions for your building based on documented data and documented implementation of control measures

Keeping up with compliance regulations isn’t a matter of choice. The penalties for not keeping your water management plan up to date in 2021 can cause serious repetitional and financial damage. In 2021, make it a priority to make sure your water management plan is renewed and up to date. IWC Innovations makes it easy to keep your water management plan up to date. Contact us if you are looking to renew your water management plan in 2021, or are looking to develop a defensible water management plan.




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