Water Consulting Services

                                      IWC Innovations provides an array of auditing and risk assessment services for building water health, 

                                      Water Consulting Services

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                                      Risk Assessments

                                      IWC experts offer independent risk assessments to review all building water systems and to evaluate hazardous conditions associated with waterborne pathogens and water system deficiencies.  LEARN MORE......

                                      Risk Assessments

                                      Water Management Plans

                                      IWC develops, audits and strengthens the most comprehensive and defensible water management programs and plans. LEARN MORE......

                                      Water Management Plan Oversight-1

                                      Cooling Tower Compliance

                                      IWC's water treatment experts can help you with all cooling tower regulatory requirements, registration submissions, upkeep, testing and reporting.  LEARN MORE......

                                      Cooling Tower Compliance

                                      Testing Interpretation

                                      Our experts design testing programs, guide you through each step of testing as well as interpret results and what to do with positive test results. LEARN MORE......

                                      Testing Guidance

                                      Remediation Solutions

                                      Work with the top waterborne pathogen remediation experts to develop a plan to remediate and sanitize your building.  LEARN MORE......

                                      Remediation Solutions

                                      Regulation, Standard, & Code Compliance

                                      Concentrate on daily operations and let our compliance experts help.  

                                      Standards and Compliance

                                      COVID-19 Testing Solutions

                                      We provide both environmental and clinical RT-qPCR testing solutions.  IWC provides a rapid, accurate, and cost-effective testing solution elevating your offering. LEARN MORE....

                                      Covid Testing Solutions-1
                                      The CDC Outlines Considerations When Working With Legionella & Water Consultants

                                      According to the CDC the following are factors you may want to consider discussing with consultants:

                                      • Level of experience: For example, what kind of Legionella-specific experience do the employees of this company have? Do the employees have appropriate training in critical fields (e.g., engineering, environmental health or industrial hygiene, water treatment, plumbing, microbiology)? Does the company have Legionella-specific experience with a facility of your size/type? Do they have experience with water system remediation, implementation of water management programs to prevent Legionnaires’ disease, or both?
                                      • Laboratory expertise: For example, is the laboratory they use accredited for environmental testing? Does it participate in a proficiency testing program for Legionella? Does their laboratory perform culture for Legionella (which is particularly important following remediation to ensure adequacy of the remediation process)? What level of identification (species/serogroup) can their laboratory perform? Is their laboratory willing to save samples and isolates and share them with public health laboratories if requested during an outbreak investigation?
                                      • Environmental assessment expertise: For example, how much experience does the company have with environmental assessments and/or sampling for Legionella? Can they describe situations where they performed an environmental assessment and/or Legionella sampling in a facility of your size/type?
                                      • Remediation expertise: For example, how frequently does the company provide remediation services and can they describe situations where they remediated Legionella from a building water system in a facility of your size/type? Can the company discuss the benefits and challenges associated with multiple approaches to remediation?
                                      • Water management expertise: For example, how much experience does the company have creating water management programs compliant with industry standards for a facility of your size/type? What level of support does the company provide with creation and implementation of water management programs? What is the spectrum of services they offer once the water management program is established?
                                      • Knowledge of codes, standards, and regulations: For example, does the company have previous experience working in your state and/or jurisdiction? How familiar is the company with state and local building codes in your jurisdiction, water treatment regulations, healthcare accreditation and survey requirements, and public health reporting requirements? Local building code officials or your health department may be good resources for knowledge about existing codes, standards, and regulations.

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