Water Management Plans & Programs

[fa icon="plus"] Why do I need a water management plan?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as of June 2017 require LTC, CAH, and Hospitals to implement an ASHRAE188-2018 compliant water management program to reduce the risk of legionella in their buildings. 
[fa icon="plus"] Debunking the confusion around Legionella. What do I need to know? What do I need to do?
Confirmed Legionellosis cases have risen 5 fold in the last 5 years.  Implementing a compliant water management plan and adhering to it is the best way to start to protect your residents, staff, and visitors.
[fa icon="plus"] What is my role/facility responsibility in this Legionella solution your company offers?
The key to an effective water management plan is a comprehensive risk assessment.  The IWC Innovations  proprietary app, The Smart Test App™,  walks the facility operator through a comprehensive guided tour to identify the risks in each building. 
[fa icon="plus"] How long does it take to create a customized water management plan for my building? What do I need to do with it to be compliant?
The Smart Plan App™  takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.  The intuitive table of contents allows for easy navigation and minimal backtracking.  The IWC team takes care of the rest, including custom flow diagrams and tailored control measures.
[fa icon="plus"] What makes your exclusive Legionella solution better than anything else on the market?
The US Standard ASHRAE188-2018 requires in 6.1.7 the proper record keeping and documentation of your water management plan.  With the continuous updating of the IWC water management plan, this requirement is satisfied.
[fa icon="plus"] How can I best protect my facility from Legionella without it costing too much or putting the burden on myself?
With the Smart Plan App™  and your customized water management plan you are always in compliance .  The ASHRAE standard is continuously updating and the Innovative Water team ensures you are always up to date.  This removes the burden from your staff and allows them to concentrate on day to day tasks providing an immediate ROI.
[fa icon="plus"] Do you really offer an A to Z solution? What does it include?
Our Legionella solution covers the entire spectrum regarding Legionella, consulting, water management plan generation, monitoring, testing, remediation, and prevention. 
[fa icon="plus"] Does your solution have CMS approval?
The CMS mandate revised on July 6th, 2018 requires facilities to consider the ASHRAE188 standard when creating a water management plan.  Our solution was created using this standard and audited by one of the original architects of the standard.  IWC has a combined 60+ years of Legionella expertise.
[fa icon="plus"] Do you satisfy all CMS regulations?
[fa icon="plus"] How do I keep everything standardized with numerous facilities?
Our water management plans are robust, but not cumbersome.  While every building has different risk factors which requires an individual water management plan, the control measures are standardized.   This ensures a comprehensive and standard program across all buildings.



[fa icon="plus"] What is HydroTreat?
HydroTreat is a breakthrough technology for Legionella problems. The HydroTreat process is a reliable and affordable technology that can fight Legionella bacteria at any scale. 
[fa icon="plus"] How is HydroTreat a preventative measure for Legionella?
With crumbling US water infrastructure and constant water main breaks resulting in changes to fluid dynamics, biofilm is constantly being disturbed and introduced into building water systems.  This is causing diagnosed Legionnaires' diseases to quintuple over the last 5 years. HydroTreat is a cost effective all in one process to prevent biofilm growth in your building.
[fa icon="plus"] Is there any way I can make sure my facility does not get Legionella?
There are some very expensive options on the market for Legionella prevention.  They all have their disadvantages.  The HydroTreat process is inexpensive, continuously monitored and eradicates  biofilm in seconds.


[fa icon="plus"] How often do I have to test?
The CMS mandate does not specifically require testing.  However, it does point to the state and local health department and their individual requirements.  IWC Innovations can help you determine if you need to test.
[fa icon="plus"] What am I testing for?
Specifically you are testing the species Legionella pneumophila.  Sero group number 1 of this species is currently associated with the most causes of illness.  We at IWC test for Sero groups 1 to 14.
[fa icon="plus"] What happens if a test comes back positive?
Options vary.  Part of our all-inclusive testing option is the follow-up and consulting to advise your team on the best course of action.
[fa icon="plus"] Does testing expose me to more liability?
We believe in a proactive vs. reactive approach.  If testing is chosen as a preventative measure a building can identify the risk before it turns into a confirmed case of legionella.  The alternative is wait and see if you have a confirmed building associated case and follow the AHJ protocols.  These are usually very expensive.


Compliance/Regulatory/Risk Awareness/Tolerance/Mitigation

[fa icon="plus"] How do I know my plan meets the regulations of the state/states I operate in as well as federal mandates?
The IWC  team is dedicated to providing the most up to date and compliant water management plans.  Once again we have over 60 years of combined Legionella experience. 
[fa icon="plus"] Can my facility get a water management plan and not do testing?
Yes, however there are some states that require testing.
[fa icon="plus"] How can I mitigate my risk as much as possible?
The CDC states that if a facility does everything correct there is still a 10% chance that you will get a case of legionella.  Therefore, correctness, updates, adherence, and documentation of your water management plan will greatly reduce your risk.  Our solution provides all of this for you.
[fa icon="plus"] If a test comes back positive, what is the worst-case scenario and how does that get taken care of?
A positive test does not necessarily mean a complete building colonization.  The IWC team can help you with the best course of action.  


Financial Understanding

[fa icon="plus"] How much does your Legionella program cost?
Our solution is the most cost-conscious solution on the market.  Please contact us for more information on costs for your specific facilities.  1-877-IWC-PLAN (1-877-492-7526)
[fa icon="plus"] How much are tests and how often do I need to test?
We offer three testing plans. Please contact us at 1-877-IWC-PLAN (1-877-492-7526) or testing@iwcinnovations.com for more information.
[fa icon="plus"] What are the costs involved if my facility has a positive test?
Once again it depends on the results.  A consult will be provided for the Essential Testing plan or can be arranged at a cost for the Basic Testing plan. 


More Questions

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