What is a Water Management Plan



                                      Legionella Water Management Plans & Programs

                                      Our talented team of professionals in water treatment, industrial management and quality assurance provide a facility specific water management program that is cost-effective and mitigates risk.  The stakes are high in terms of compliance and regulations surrounding the latest mandates.  We provide the easiest solution for these mandates and regulations.  IWC is fully equipped and ready with an armory of assets to develop a compliant plan for your facility in the most cost-effective way possible. 

                                      Water Management Plan 1

                                      Why Implement a Water Management Plan?



                                      To be good corporate citizens



                                      Comply with CMS, CDC, ASHRAE , TJC and other local and state standards



                                      Reduce your risk of disease for employees, patients, and residents



                                      Reduce your risk of legal complications



                                      Protect your organization's image, revenue and brand



                                      Mitigate the risk from Covid-19 facility shut-downs

                                      Benefits of a Water Management Program

                                      • Proactive and documented management of your building's water systems.
                                      • Defined actions for operating goals, system monitoring, documentation, and corrective actions if necessary.
                                      • Demonstrated compliance with ASHRAE 188, the nation's only standard for water management plans. We at IWC are fortunate enough to have Bill Pearson as our Chief Science Officer who was the Vice Chair of the ASHRAE 188 committee so he literally helped write this standard. 
                                      Water Management Plan 3

                                      Steps To Create a Water Management Plan

                                      • Create A Program Team

                                      • Analyze & Map the Water Systems

                                      • Identify Legionella Risks
                                      • Develop Control Strategies to Mitigate Risk
                                      • Monitor & Respond
                                      • Confirm Program Implementation & Effectiveness
                                      • Document, Document, Document
                                      Water Management Plan 2
                                      Tech Assisted

                                      Technology-Assisted Plan

                                      • App Based Water Management Plan to be Completed by Facility Personnel

                                      • WMP Reviewed, Certified and Validated by IWC expert staff in full compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS, CDC, TJCand all other state and local guidelines

                                      Engineer Facilitated

                                      Engineer-Facilitated Plan

                                      • Cultivated Water Management Plan Completed by IWC  Certified Staff

                                      • Onsite Survey Plan Completed & Delivered to Customer in Full Compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS, CDC, TJC and all other state and local guidelines


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