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A water safety company encompassing all of your water system needs, including innovative solutions for the prevention, detection, and eradication of Legionella, and a full array of water treatment services for maximum risk mitigation and efficiency.





Legionella Services

IWC Innovations is the leader in providing innovative solutions for your potable and non-potable water systems. We have a strong foundation and unparalleled expertise in Legionella risk mitigation, focusing on detection, investigation, prevention and remediation. Find out about the extensive services we provide in regards to combating Legionella Bacteria by clicking HERE. 

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Water Treatment Services

Our water treatment experts provide a facility-specific water treatment program that mitigates risks and optimizes chemistry to ensure the longevity of your water systems. Precise planning and service can prevent serious operational and health issues and increase the lifespan of your water system while improving its efficiency. No two systems are alike, and we will develop a water treatment solution to meet your facility's individual requirements, no matter how complex the challenge. For clients with multiple sites, IWC Innovations enables consistency and quality across all your facilities with our innovative approach to portfolio-wide water treatment programs. Click HERE to find out more details about our comprehensive water treatment services.

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As the leader in the water safety industry, IWC Innovations prides itself on solving the most complex water system and Legionella issues. We offer consulting services that provide customized solutions addressing your specific challenges. Our site assessments offer a comprehensive analysis of the status of your water system’s health, efficiency, and safety, as well as recommendations on how to expand your water system’s potential. Additionally, we assess your Legionella risk and devise a customized plan that maximizes your compliance and risk mitigation. To find out more click HERE.


Consulting Services


IWC Innovations was born from over 60 years of industry expertise coupled with the need to foster new ideas to force a paradigm shift in the water industry.  At IWC Innovations, we are leaders in providing innovative solutions for your Water Treatment and Legionella challenges and concerns. IWC Innovation’s team consists of highly skilled water specialists boasting some of the top scientific expertise in the country, delivering routine water testing, maximum Legionella risk mitigation, and the gamut of water system treatment programs and services.


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