Providing innovative solutions for risk management, water treatment, and COVID-19 concerns. 


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IWC was born from over 60 years of industry experience coupled with the need to foster new ideas to force a paradigm shift in our industry.  At IWC we are a leader in providing innovative solutions for your Water Management, Legionella, and COVID-19 concerns.  We are a nationwide leader in providing innovative solutions for regulatory compliance, risk management, and energy efficiency.  We have a strong foundation in scientific expertise, relationships, and professionalism. 

Legionella Risk Management

Prevention is key. According to the CDC, 9 out of 10 times Legionella outbreaks could be prevented if effective water management protocols had been implemented. This data shows you benefit from taking a proactive approach to Legionnaires' disease to prevent outbreaks.  Read more about Legionella Bacteria and Legionnaires' Disease on our BLOG.  Find out about the extensive services we provide in regards to combatting Legionella Bacteria by clicking HERE. 

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Water Treatment Programs

While extensive planning goes into designing, installing and maintaining your facility's systems, often little thought goes into the water treatment of that system.  Precise planning and service can prevent serious operational problems, ensure system longevity and provide a large return on your initial investment.  No two systems are alike and we will develop a water treatment solution to meet your facility's individual requirements. Find out more by clicking HERE.

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IWC Innovations provides an array of auditing and risk assessment services for building water health. To find out more click HERE.


Consulting Services

Right From the Blog

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