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At IWC we are a leader in providing innovative solutions for your water management, Legionella and COVID-19 concerns.  We have a strong foundation in scientific expertise, relationships, and professionalism.  We strive to provide value to customers with results that will assist in the longevity of their business.  Our goal is to provide a solutions-based company rather than a commodity-based company through the use of innovative technologies and scientific expertise. 

IWC was born from a need to foster new ideas to force a paradigm shift in our industry. 

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Company Foundations

Scientific Expertise

The IWC team has over 60 years of combined experience in the water and healthcare industries.  We currently serve on countless national organizations and helped write the standards for water management.

Meaningful Relationships

We pride ourselves with our midwestern hospitality.  Being a company from Indianapolis, we take relationships very seriously.  We ensure working with IWC is so much more than a business transaction - providing genuine people who care beyond the task at hand. 

Unmatched Professionalism

Each of our team members is a driven professional with the experience and qualifications to deliver beyond the expected services.  We provide prompt communication and follow through on promises delivered in a timely manner.


Executive Team


Brian Waymire

Chief Executive Officer

ASSE Certified Legionella Water & Safety Management Specialist


Bill Pearson

Chief Science Officer

CWT, ASSE Certified Legionella Water Safety & Management Specialist

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

Chief Revenue Officer

ASSE Certified Legionella Water Safety & Management Specialist

Renee - Pruzansky

Renee Pruzansky

Chief Operating Officer


Brian Pickett

VP of Environmental Solutions

ASSE Certified Legionella Water Safety & Management Specialist


Larry Pond

Regulatory - Compliance & Quality Assurance

ASSE Certified Legionella Water Safety & Management Specialist

I appreciate the continued support your team provides PMI. Recently we received our Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) for our Montana Contract. Of note is they specifically mentioned the following: “Good workmanship was evident during the contract period. Water treatment throughout all buildings was improved significantly, and subcontractors work was completed without the need for input from GSA.” This is testimony to your company and your people. I know I have said this before but, thank you for responding to my request for help back in 2019. This has developed into an outstanding relationship.
PMI logo
Louis C. Dann
Phoenix Management
Thank you for your continued dedication and professionalism. Your team was crucial in helping with our risk management needs. I appreciate the services rendered, and knowledge our team received.
Priority Logo
Bill Brook
Priority Healthcare
Thank you for everything throughout this process. Your team was a pleasure to work with from the start of this process all the way through to the end. I know that some companies are able to do the job a little cheaper, however I have experienced first hand that the cheaper way is absolutely not always the best way. The way your team was able to assist me with dealing with the DOH and DEP, from conference calls to emails and graciously providing such a detailed plan to DEP made me feel confident that choosing IWC was the right choice. Your entire team was nothing short of amazing. They were professional and did not mind educating me or answering my questions, since this is so new to me. Your team was extremely easy to work with and communication was always easy and immediate. Communication is key to having a successful outcome and you succeeded. I felt that for a few weeks I was part of the IWC family and that was a pleasure.
Brinton Manor
Bethann Golla
Brinton Manor
I have found IWC team to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I fully trust IWC with inspecting our facility, developing and monitoring our water management plan, and educating our staff on the correct procedures to minimize the risks of Legionella.
United Zion
Troy Dennis


As a Full-Service Company, We Have Expertise With:
Legionella Risk Management
Water Management Programs 
Water Management PLANS 
Legionella & Waterborne Testing
Legionella Prevention
Legionella Remediation
Legionella Program Oversight
Facility Risk Assessments
Consulting Services




Water Treatment Programs
Cooling Water Treatment
Boiler Water Treatment
Closed Loop Water Treatment 
Secondary Disinfection
Water Softener & Pretreatment
Water Treatment Assessments
Cooling Tower Water Testing


Clinical & Remote Monitoring Solutions
COVID-19 Clinical Testing
COVID-19 Environmental Testing


Highly Experienced 

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