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                                      Will your team be ready when the surveyors visit?

                                      Set your facility up for success when Joint Commission surveyors come to check on your water management program.

                                      Are You Ready for EC.02.05.02?

                                      Prepare Your Facility Water System to Align With the 2022 Joint Commission Standards

                                      Joint Commission Standard: Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens

                                      Aligning Your Water Management Program & Plans to the Joint Commission Standard: Legionella and...

                                      Can My Hot Tub Make Me Sick?

                                      Legionnaires’ Disease in Hot Tubs


                                      What's in your cooling tower?

                                      Even though cooling towers otherwise known as evaporative condensers or evaporative coolers are...

                                      ULTRA qPCR™ Legionella Testing

                                      Legionellosis is a disease caused by Legionella pneumophila and related Legionella bacteria. The...

                                      Uptick in cases of Legionnaires' Disease

                                      Within the past year, we have seen an aggressive increase in televised reports and news articles...