Point of Use Filters: Why Are They Important and When are They Utilized?



Point-of-use filters are important because it puts a barrier between the person utilizing a fixture and a potential hazard within the water. So, in this case, we're filtering out Legionella bacteria so that a resident of a senior living facility, for example, can continue to use a shower or sink or utilize that fixture as intended. So, it's really a quality-of-life thing, and it provides superior protection. Point-of-use filters have been utilized successfully during a case investigation. A lot of times, the Department of Health will require that you put on point-of-use filters for all of your fixtures just, again, to provide that barrier. It could be in a situation where you have had elevated testing results. The Department of Health isn't necessarily put in there, but through your routine testing, you've discovered that there's a colonization within your building. And so, a lot of people will overnight a whole bunch of filters for their facility and get them installed as soon as possible. So, point-of-use filters are a great option to keep your facility in operation while dealing with a Legionella issue.


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