Are you Servicing your Cooling Tower?



Servicing your cooling tower is one of the most important parts of owning a cooling tower. Your cooling tower is providing your building with all of its cooling needs and all of its heat transfer needs. But if you don't take care of it, it will degrade significantly faster than it should. A typical cooling tower life is 13 to 20 years, if you're really careful and really good with them.

Servicing a cooling tower increases its life expectancy and increases its efficiency. Step one, your cooling tower requires service to maintain your warranty. So, if you buy a new cooling tower and you're still under warranty, you have to service it with a water treater in order to maintain that warranty. Otherwise, they will not honor any portion of the warranty. Efficiency wise, if you do not treat your cooling tower properly, you're going to have scaling. You're going to have biological issues. And both of those are going to have issues with your heat transfer and with damaging your cooling tower prematurely. Overall, service and maintenance of your cooling tower is what is going to give you the longest service life, what is going to give you the healthiest outcomes, and what is going to save you the most amount of money and give you the best value for the product that you already own.


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