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The Water Drop™: Season 2, Episode 7

The Water Drop™: Season 2, Episode 7

What is a Cooling Tower Controller?



You need a Controller for any Cooling Tower. A controller is what is automatically adding chemical to your system. Naturally in a Cooling Tower you lose water through evaporation, through scheduled bleed, through overflow if that happens you are losing water and that water contains your chemical and so you need to replace it. When you install a controller, it gives you automated control of adding that chemical, that means instead of having you to go slug dose with a cup each day to keep the levels high, the controller is just making sure that it’s keeping that level steady throughout the day. The old-style controllers used conductivity where, when meters hit certain spots, they would turn on relays and that was “control”. New ones can connect to the internet, we can see graphs of where levels are throughout the day, throughout your process time, whatever is happening. This is a really innovative piece of technology that should be on every Cooling Tower to provide the best results, to keep the tower in the best condition, and keep your efficiencies as high as possible.


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