Functions of a Cooling Tower



When you are in a large building and you're experiencing air conditioning, you're typically going to experience that from a cooling tower, but it is usually coming through to an exchange mechanism, be that a radiant cooling system or a water source heat pump that is actually doing some cooling itself. That water is acting as the exchange and taking the heat from where you are to back to the cooling tower to be pushed back out into the air. So, a cooling tower is used when a building reaches a certain size that water is a better exchange mechanism than air. So usually, you're going to see these in bigger, larger, multi-unit, multi-story buildings. Cooling towers are vital pieces of equipment in your building. They are a proven method for cooling large spaces for relatively inexpensive, they have been around forever. It is very important though, that you are taking care of them, that you are cleaning them, that you're keeping them protected from corrosion, all kinds of various things, and that's why you need a water treatment specialist to help you navigate the complexities of that equipment.


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