What is the Importance of Cooling Tower Cleaning?



There are multiple factors of efficiency, multiple factors of long-term care involved in taking care of a cooling tower. In the environment, there are trees, leaves, bacteria, debris from birds, birds themselves that are going to get into your cooling tower that breaks down into small sediment that then settles into the bottom of your cooling tower. This causes two problems. One, heat transfer. Now that you have the sediment, you have to transfer heat through the sediment and through the metal, which is a problem. And then you can get deposits where that sediment is stuck to the metal, and then underneath it, it'll start corroding the metal, removing your zinc, coating your iron and liberating copper from your two bundles on top. Debris that is in your cooling tower can get pulled into the spray nozzles at the top that is dispersing the water, clog them and cause your cooling tower to become either ineffective completely or significantly reduce the efficiency of your system.

For best practices from our customers in terms of their water treatment program for their cooling towers are having monthly service, having annual or semi-annual cooling tower cleaning. That cooling tower cleaning will help you improve the efficiency of that equipment. And from a business standpoint, it's extremely important because it'll keep the operating costs down for that system.


Improve your Operating Costs and System Efficiency