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Water Management Plans

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Why Implement a Water Management Plan?


  • To reduce risk of disease for your employees, customers, patients and residents.
  • To reduce your legal risk.
  • To protect your organization’s image, revenue and brand.
  • To be a good corporate citizen.
  • To comply with national and local laws and guidelines.



What Are The Elements of a Water Management Plan?


In response, healthcare facilities should create WMPs and ensure that the following elements of water management are implemented:

1. Establish a water management program team to comply with ASHRAE standard 188 and CDC kit.

2. Describe building water systems using text and flow diagrams.

3. Identify at-risk populations.

4. Identify areas, equipment, and systems at risk where Legionella could grow and spread.

5. Assign responsibility to implement risk mitigating strategies.

6. Establish actions to monitor the strategy parameters.

7. Decide where control measures should be applied and how to monitor them.

8. Establish interventions when control limits are not met.

9. Communicate throughout the facility.

10. Document all the activities.

11. Ensure the program is running as designed and is effective by reviewing the program periodically.

12. Keep accurate records.


IWC Innovations: Legionella & Water Treatment Solutions provides a facility specific water management plan that is cost-effective and mitigates risk.  The stakes are high in terms of compliance and regulations surrounding the latest laws and mandates for water management plans.  Staying current with national guidelines as well as local requirements can add to the complexity. We specialize in these areas and our highly skilled team of professionals will work with you through every step of the process. IWC provides the easiest solution for these mandates and regulations.  We are fully equipped and ready with an armory of assets to develop a compliant and defensible plan for your facility.


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