Joint Commission Aligned Water Management Programs

                                      The Joint Commission updated Water Management Program standards effective January 2022. The requirements include a review of the Environment of Care Chapter EC.02.05.02 and elements of performance along with verification, validation, and program documentation. Joint Commission surveyors will be looking for additional requirements and evidence in relation to water management programs for hospitals, critical access hospitals and nursing care centers. Increased focus has moved from a risk assessment process to written documentation and follow through on your water management program.

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                                      Joint Commission Survey Readiness

                                      The new elements of performance require that an individual or team be responsible for the oversight and implementation of the water management program, including but not limited to:

                                      1) Development

                                      2) Management

                                      3) Maintenance Activities

                                      The water management program must include a basic diagram that maps water supply sources, treatment systems, processing steps, control measures, and end-use points.

                                      Joint Commission Water Management Program

                                      WILL YOU BE READY When the surveyors visit?

                                      IWC Innovations offers The Joint Commission Standard EC.02.05.02 aligned Water Management Programs and Plans. Our experts will guide you through creating and updating a proper water management plan for your healthcare facility.

                                      Be sure you are ready when TJC surveyors come to your facility. Set your facility up for success and be the leader in healthcare facility water management and safety.


                                      WHY IMPLEMENT A WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN?



                                      To be good corporate citizens



                                      Comply with CMS, CDC, ASHRAE , TJC and other local and state standards



                                      Reduce your risk of disease for employees, patients, and residents



                                      Reduce your risk of legal complications



                                      Protect your organization's image, revenue and brand



                                      Mitigate the risk from Covid-19 facility shut-downs

                                      Tech Assisted

                                      Technology-Assisted Plan

                                      • App Based Water Management Plan to be Completed by Facility Personnel

                                      • WMP Reviewed, Certified and Validated by IWC expert staff in full compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS, CDC, TJCand all other state and local guidelines

                                      Engineer Facilitated

                                      Engineer-Facilitated Plan

                                      • Cultivated Water Management Plan Completed by IWC  Certified Staff

                                      • Onsite Survey Plan Completed & Delivered to Customer in Full Compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS, CDC, TJC and all other state and local guidelines



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