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Legionella Prevention

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IWC Innovations is the leader in providing innovative solutions for your potable and non-potable water systems. We have a strong foundation and unparalleled expertise in Legionella risk mitigation focused on detection, investigation, prevention, and remediation. As a business, it is essential that you understand the Legionella risk of your building. Legionella is present in 50% of buildings in the United States. IWC Innovations is here to help.


The Risk

Risks to building water systems may not always seem significant during the application and approval process.  As new mandates and regulatory standards are being formulated and enforced at a higher level for water systems, companies must take a proactive approach to knowing the health of any building water system in which they are utilizing.


The Threat

Businesses must have a clear understanding of the potential consequences of a Legionella threat, case, or outbreak. A case or an outbreak investigation is costly to a company’s reputation and bottom line. It becomes a lengthy process that will take time and money and could result in litigation and a decline in reputational image. The threat of Legionella is daunting to any company. Navigating a case investigation, dealing with the Department of Health, and taking active steps to detect, prevent, and treat Legionella is complicated and requires a vast amount of expertise and experience.

The Solution

IWC provides a complete risk assessment by going onsite to identify and analyze the building water system hazards related to water ingestion, inhalation, and contact. We test the water in all high-risk areas, so you know the state of the water's health. Based on this information, we create tailored recommendations for maximum protection against Legionella, including filters at the most vulnerable areas. This includes customized Water Management Plans and testing protocols. 

Water Management Plan 1

The Benefit

IWC’s ability to handle any Legionella challenge saves companies tens of thousands of dollars or more, prevents potential PR nightmares, and positions the facility for maximum Legionella prevention and protection.


Prevention of Legionella in your water systems is crucial. Let IWC Innovations guide you in mitigating the risk.