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qPCR Testing:

Clinical and 



qPCR Testing

IWC Innovations' accomplished team of professionals has expanded our fight against dangerous pathogens, including Legionella, to include our efforts toward helping companies and individuals fight against COVID-19 and mitigate the risk it causes to their customers, clients, employees, and life at large.  The stakes are high in terms of our commitment to helping produce accurate, reliable, and innovative testing solutions to combat COVID-19, Legionella, and other pathogens.  IWC Innovations was one of the first pioneers of qPCR testing for Legionella and we were happy to step up and play our role in the fight against COVID-19 by positioning clinical qPCR testing for COVID-19, as well. IWC Innovations has performed a lot of innovative and cutting-edge work with clinical and environmental qPCR testing. We are fully equipped and ready with an armory of proven solutions to mitigate the future spread of the COVID-19 virus, Legionella, and other potentially fatal pathogens. 

Covid-19 Testing

Clinical qPCR Testing

Clinical qPCR testing quickly and accurately determines whether a person is infected with SARS-CoV-2. IWC Innovation's "gold standard" polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing solution with a comprehensive and full turnkey program includes specialized lab services and equipment setup, training, customized, sophisticated, and automated results reporting, assistance in setting up the program as a whole, and IT support to provide accurate, high-volume COVID-19 clinical testing and results delivery. Check back to hear about our revolutionary repositioning of qPCR testing to diagnose infections that are currently only available for 10–14 day culture testing. 

Clinical Testing

Environmental qPCR Testing

COVID-19: IWC Innovations identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in air, water, and on surfaces through onsite qPCR testing with rapid results. We collect and track accurate data to mitigate the risk to employees and patrons, evaluate the health of your facilities, and make informed decisions with our COVID-19 Environmental testing solutions. 

Legionella: IWC Innovations has been pioneers in Legionella qPCR testing for quite some time. We were the first in the Legionella industry to bring a qPCR test to market that differentiates between living and dead cells while also determining the Legionella serogroup. Learn more about our Legionella services here.

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Find Out How IWC Innovations Can Help You Combat COVID-19, Legionella, and Other Dangerous Pathogens Clinically and Environmentally Through qPCR


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