Multi-Family Housing

Keeping Tenants Safe

The prevalence of Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks throughout the United States is increasing. More and more people are being sickened by the Legionella through exposure to contaminated and untreated building water systems. Responsible building managers and owners want to protect the people who occupy their buildings as well as their investment. Through development and maintenance of a water management program tailored specifically to your building's unique needs, we can help you achieve this goal.

We provide a dynamic program that benefits your organization in a variety of ways. Developing and executing a Legionella water management plan helps reduce:

  • Risk of illness and death
  • Costs associated with litigation
  • Legionella growth and proliferation throughout a building
  • Costs associated with remediation and cleanup

Having a well-documented Legionella water management program for your building helps to manage liability and mitigate risk for your tenants. A program also formalizes your commitment to keeping building occupants safe. 


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