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Recurring Legionella and Secondary Disinfection


Recurring Legionella can be a very difficult challenge to contend with. The high level of expertise at IWC Innovations, combined with an array of customized solutions, will help you navigate through the many available options.

Recurring Legionella can feel overwhelming, potentially become a PR nightmare, and be stubborn to eradicate. As the leading Legionella experts, IWC Innovations specializes in customized solutions for recurring Legionella. Our experts will come onsite, evaluate your Legionella and water system history, including any previous interventions, in order to create a customized pathway to water safety control. Oftentimes, there are less invasive solutions possible as a next step before jumping to an expensive conclusion. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, so we take every detail into account during our investigation of your entire water treatment history and present all of the possible solutions available. At IWC Innovations, we are a provider of all of the approved and available solutions for secondary disinfection (also known as supplemental disinfection), including, MonochloramineCopper-Silver Ionization, and other proprietary techniques and solutions. IWC Innovations will assess the problem and direct you to the solution that's right for you, your company, and your water systems.


Laboratory Pipette with Blue Liquid Over Glass Test Tubes.

Let the IWC Innovations experts customize a solution for your specific water safety issues!

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