America's Most At-Risk Setting for Legionnaires' Disease

With so much risk for Legionella at senior living centers, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, and senior housing, focusing on Legionella prevention is absolutely critical. At IWC Innovations, we offer a full turnkey approach to Legionella prevention, with special attention to compliance and regulatory mandates. Let IWC Innovations hold your hand through the maze of requirements and options so we can best protect you proactively or work with you closely should a case of Legionnaires’ disease be identified at your facility. With our combined years of Legionella expertise, including our chief science officer, who sits on the board which writes the rules for ASHRAE, IWC Innovations is the best choice for all of your Legionella prevention, detection, investigation, remediation, and recurrence prevention needs.

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IWC Innovations is the leader in providing innovative solutions for your potable and non-potable water systems. We have a strong foundation and unparalleled expertise in Legionella risk mitigation, focusing on detection, investigation, prevention and remediation. 

Legionella Prevention and Detection

  • Water Management Plans
  • Water Testing
  • Legionella Consulting

Legionella Protection

  • Shower Filters
  • Sink Filters
  • Ice Machine Filters

Legionella Remediation Solutions

  • Remediations
  • Secondary Disinfection
  • Post Remediation Consulting and Recommendations
  • Legionella Recurrence Prevention
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Water Treatment: Cooling Towers, Steam Boilers, and Closed Loops

As a full-service water safety company, IWC Innovations also handles water treatment for your cooling towers, steam boilers, and closed loops. We specialize in finding the best solutions to the most complex issues. Click here to find out more about water treatment programs. As some of your most important capital assets at your facility, proper routine water treatment service, cleanings, corrosion monitoring, and repairs of your water systems is key to ensuring maximum safety, performance, efficiency, longevity, and compliance. Schedule a site visit today with the IWC Innovations Specialists to customize the optimum plan for your facility.

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