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Legionella Testing Utilizing Next-Gen qPCR Technology

Traditional culture methods are widely used for the detection of Legionella in water. This method is time consuming and often takes up to two weeks before results can be reported.   IWC Innovations now offers the latest scientific modernization in Legionella testing – ULTRA qPCR™. Our newest testing method delivers the most accurate results for testing water for Legionella bacteria. The ULTRA qPCR™ test distinguishes “live” from “dead” cells, while also detecting the Legionella Species. ULTRA qPCR™ further categorizes Legionella pneumophilia SG1/SG2 -15. Superior quantitative results are determined and can be delivered Next Day.

The Water Drop:

Legionella Testing:

Culture vs. qPCR



Rapid & Accurate Testing

  • Results in 2-3 Days

  • Next Day Results Available for an Additional Fee

  • Distinguishes "Live" from "Dead" Cells

  • Detects L. pneumophila SG1, 2-15 and L. Species

  • Quantitative Reporting

  • Unmatched Accuracy

  • Free Convenient Standard Shipping of Supplies & Samples

  • Exceptional Customer Service and Reporting of Results

  • Consultative Services Available in the Event of a Positive Test

  • CDC Elite Certified, ISO 17025 Accredited, A2LA Accredited Lab as well as AOAC, MicroVal, and AFNOR Certified Expert Lab


Faster and more accurate Legionella testing with ULTRA qPCR™ will lead to a more accurate assessment of overall water system health as well as maximize building occupant safety. Critical decision-making data can be in your hands right away, helping to avoid potential exposure to dangerous Legionella bacteria. IWC's testing services include exceptional customer service from our testing specialists, as well as detailed reporting and consultative services in the event of a positive test result. 


ULTRA qPCR™ is the future of rapid testing, accuracy and best practice.

ULTRA qPCR Legionella Test

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