Why do I need a Water Management Plan?

A Water Management Plan is considered your best preventive defense against Legionella. What a Water Management Plan essentially does is evaluate every potential vulnerability in your building where Legionella could possibly grow. Focusing on those vulnerable areas and assigning specific parameters and action items ensures that you are monitoring any area of potential concern. Developing a Water Management Plan is a very complex process. The experts at IWC Innovations offer two great options for putting together a comprehensive and compliant Water Management Plan customized to your specific building—thus offering you maximum protection and Legionella risk mitigation.

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Onsite Water Management Plans

The ASSE 12080 certified IWC Innovations Water Management Plan Specialists come onsite to your facility, assess all of your water systems, complete a comprehensive survey, and provide you with a complete, compliant Water Management Program for your team to follow.

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Self-Guided Water Management Plan Development through our SmartPlan App

IWC Innovations has a Water Management Plan development app that allows you to enter in all of the necessary information for a customized and compliant Water Management Plan for your specific building.

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The Water Drop: What is the Best Way to Prevent Legionella?



One of the biggest value-adds that IWC Innovations offers in our Water Management Plan Program is a collaborative approach towards ensuring that your team's compliance with the Water Management Plan is up to date. Businesses have many regulatory and compliance issues to pay attention to, alongside their regular day-to-day operations. The IWC Innovations Water Management Plan comes with a complete onboarding process to ensure that every member of your team is clear on all the follow-up items mentioned in the Water Management Plan. Follow-up calls at set intervals ensure that nothing gets dropped and that the IWC Innovations team is supporting your team to ensure maximum compliance. IWC Innovations creates custom Water Management Plans that follow guidelines for CMS, ASHRAE 188, and the Joint Commission. We offer this service for all industries, from commercial buildings to healthcare buildings, manufacturing plants, sports arenas, cruise lines, government buildings, and more!

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Tech Assisted

Technology-Assisted Plan

• App Based Water Management Plan to be Completed by Facility Personnel

• WMP Reviewed, Certified and Validated by IWC expert staff in full compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS, CDC, TJCand all other state and local guidelines

Engineer Facilitated

Engineer-Facilitated Plan

• Customized Water Management Plan Completed by IWC Innovations Certified Staff

• Onsite Survey Plan Completed & Delivered to Customer in Full Compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS, CDC, TJC and all other state and local guidelines