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                                      IWC was born from over 30 years of industry experience coupled with the need to foster new ideas to force a paradigm shift in our industry.  

                                      Our engineers provide the highest level of expertise and service available. We as a company pride ourselves on customer service, follow through, prompt, courteous and professional service designed solely to make the end user happy.  Our reputation is noteworthy with facility maintenance employees, to managers, to CEO's of large companies.  

                                      While extensive planning goes into designing, installing and maintaining your facility's systems, often little thought goes into the water treatment of that system.  Precise planning and service can prevent serious operational problems, ensure system longevity and provide a large return on your initial investment.  No two systems are alike and we will develop a water treatment solution to meet your facility's individual requirements.

                                      Water Treatment Programs



                                      Water Softener & Pretreatment

                                      Water Treatment Assessments

                                      Water Treatment Automation


                                      • Service and maintenance of your current equipment
                                      • Cooling tower cleaning
                                      • Maintenance plans that combat waterborne bacteria
                                      • Consistent, highly trained, certified water treatment professionals
                                      • Chemical delivery
                                      • Salt delivery
                                      • Preferred pricing on all equipment
                                      • Sustainability consulting
                                      • Environmentally safe water treatment
                                      • Decreased water consumption
                                      • Noticeable water savings
                                      • Lower water treatment & overall energy costs
                                      Water Treatment Services


                                      Precisely planned

                                      Facility specific

                                      water treatment programs

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