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                                      The IWC Innovations water treatment program includes an all-encompassing approach to the health, well-being, efficiency, and lifespan of your water systems. We handle water treatment for your cooling towers, steam boilers, and closed loops. We specialize in finding the best solutions to the most complex issues. As some of your most important capital assets at your facility, proper routine water treatment service, cleanings, corrosion monitoring, and repairs of your water systems are key to ensuring maximum safety, performance, efficiency, longevity, and compliance. Schedule a site visit today with the IWC Innovations Specialists to customize the optimum plan for your establishment.

                                      Water Treatment Programs

                                      Water Softener & Pretreatment

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                                      Water Treatment Services

                                      • Site Visits
                                      • Environmentally safe water treatment
                                      • Service and maintenance of your current equipment
                                      • Consulting
                                      • Corrosion Monitoring
                                      • Service Reports including Trending
                                      • Repairs
                                      • Replacement Parts
                                      • Installs of New Equipment
                                      • Cooling tower cleaning
                                      • Testing plans that combat Legionella and waterborne bacteria
                                      • Consistent, highly trained, certified water treatment professionals
                                      • Chemical delivery
                                      • Salt delivery
                                      • Preferred pricing on all equipment
                                      • Sustainability consulting
                                      • Decreased water consumption
                                      • Noticeable water savings
                                      • Lower water treatment & overall energy costs
                                      Water Treatment Services

                                      Trust the Experts

                                      Your water systems are some of your most expensive assets at your facility, driving critical functionality. The experts at IWC Innovations offer an onsite water system assessment and analysis. At this site visit, we do a comprehensive study of your equipment, including corrosion, efficiency, performance, and more. We also measure your water parameters with onsite testing that gives a baseline understanding of the health of the water in your system. This comprehensive visit allows us to see a detailed report that serves as the basis for a customized approach to water treatment for your systems, as well as an overview and an understanding of all the customized recommendations. Let the IWC water treatment specialists do an onsite assessment of your site to give you a full, in-depth understanding of your system and what it needs for maximum performance and efficiency.

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                                      Cooling System Failure - Case Study

                                      Learn more about how IWC Innovations successfully faces challenges by reading our case study here! 

                                      Cooling System Failure

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