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What is it?


IWC Innovations offers ISO 11731:2017(E) certified and accredited testing services. We support Legionella testing risk management through state-of-the-art testing.  We make testing for Legionnaires disease bacteria and other waterborne pathogens simple, fast and inexpensive.  IWC offers testing plans to fit the needs of  your building while also helping to keep you compliant with the latest mandates. 


What we provide:


• Comprehensive service for all of your testing needs.

• Guidance on testing protocols.

• Detailed step-by-step instructions. 

• Interpretation of results.

• Follow-up and tracking of all samples.

• Advice on remediation options in the event of a positive test. 


We offer two testing options:


1) Culture Testing

2) Onsite q-PCR testing

IWC Testing Options


An introduction to our testing plans

Standard Culture Testing

Legionella Culture Test Website Graphic

  • Gold standard for detecting Legionella
  • Results provided in 12-24 days
  • CDC ELITE certified and accredited by AIHA-LAP, LLC and/or NYS DOH ELAP
  • The health department and CDC recognize culture testing as the Gold Standard for detecting Legionella from environmental sources. The culture test allows microbiologists to determine exactly what serogroup species is in the water. 
Onsite qPCR Testing


  • Onsite testing
  • Results in 45 minutes
  • Incredible accuracy
  • qPCR is calibrated to 1 GU/mL - 1 CFU/mL
  • Fast and accurate results have led us to a paradigm shift in response to worldwide water challenges (from 30 days to 24 hours) We can now prevent illness, mitigate risk, and significantly reduce the trauma to business when faced with the possibility of a Legionella outbreak. 



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