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Adding Chemicals To Water Supply Certification - New York City

Adding Chemicals To Water Supply Certification - New York City

New York City has had the largest population of any city in the United States since the first census in 1790. To no surprise, this also means NYC has one of the largest and most complex water systems in the nation. The system is managed by a multidisciplinary team of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) that works throughout the watersheds to ensure the reliable delivery of high-quality water.


Recent national experience during the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of water management. It is crucial for large cities to develop thoughtful planning and preparation in the event of water health concerns or waterborne disease discovery. New York takes pride in their commitment to being able to combat such issues and hold their systems to a high standard of care.


To ensure complete protection of their community the NYC DEP requires that any persons who engage in the business of chemically treating the drinking water supply within a building must have the required Adding Chemicals to Water Supply Permit. This permit allows chemicals to be added for anti-corrosion, anti-scaling or disinfection purposes.


The permit, not simple to attain, outlines very specific steps and processes for approved permittees. Prior to the initial treatment and monthly thereafter, required records of chemical treatment and maintenance records are mandatory. Records must contain all personnel who work or maintain the chemical addition device, the dates and times of service, and the amount of all chemicals applied. All systems must be confirmed tamper proof and must be installed to prevent any back-siphoning.  


IWC Innovations is proud to announce, after nearly a year of meetings, presentations and obtaining various permits, we are one of a few select companies to obtain the Adding Chemicals to Water Supply Permit. The permit can only be obtained by persons with proof of degree in chemistry or chemical engineering from a college or university and have proof of at least five years’ experience in the chemistry of water or closely related work. Our highly distinguished Chief Science Officer, Bill Pearson was largely part of our success in receiving the permit quickly with no oppositions. Bill is a certified water treater and ASSE certified Legionella Water Safety & Management specialist. His mentorship and guidance with over 40 years in the water treatment industry has allowed IWC’s chemists and field technicians to excel far beyond the obligatory services typical in the industry.


Our talented team of water treaters and remediation specialists have conducted countless successful sanitizations in New York and the surrounding areas. During the building shutdowns experienced since the beginning of the pandemic, we have strengthened our operations and adapted to the new normal of regulatory compliance.

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As the city continues to recover and reopen, combating the effects of Covid-19 shutdowns within the city's complex water systems will remain a difficult undertaking.  With abundant prior experience, IWC is confidently positioned to aid and support the recovery of The City that Never Sleeps. Contact Us if you are concerned about your water health, looking to renew your water management plan, or are looking to develop a defensible water management plan.