HydroTreat Remediation



When You Find Legionella


Discovering Legionella bacteria in your facility’s water system can be greatly distressing with subsequent legal and financial consequences.  Exclusive to the industry IWC offers a patented Legionella remediation solution with little to no downtime for day to day operations or water systems. 




Our HydroTreat process is the most innovative Legionella remediation/sanitization process on the market. It is:

  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Natural
  • Low-profile
  • Preventative

HydroTreat vs. Typical Remediation Companies


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Legionella Outbreak


If Legionella bacteria concentrations are discovered within your facility through Legionella Testing don’t panic but start remediation activities right away!

  • • Call IWC's Legionella & water treatment specialists.
  • • Follow your Water Management Plan, if you have one in place.
  • • Follow all the instructions provided by IWC specialists to prevent human exposure to the Legionella bacteria. 

IWC Innovations offers complete remediation consultation, communication with necessary agencies, and recommendations on next steps.  IWC provides full Legionella investigation and further testing done on site with same day results.  


If testing has indicated that you have a Legionella concentration somewhere in your water system, please contact us today to discuss remediation activities to help prevent anyone from contracting Legionnaires' Disease!




Emergency Number: 1-877-IWC-PLAN


If you have a discovery of Legionnaires’ Disease, please contact us immediately using the 877 number above. In the case of a Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak, IWC is prepared to be at your site quickly to evaluate and assist you in preventing further human exposure and bringing your situation under control.


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