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Why choose IWC Innovations when you need Legionella remediation, sanitization, and disinfection?

IWC Innovations is highly experienced in successful Legionella remediations. Our team mobilizes quickly and ensures a comprehensive sanitization with a strong focus on Legionella eradication and recurrence prevention. IWC Innovations has a proprietary remediation process that ensures complete results with minimum down-time. Our team also works on your behalf with the Department of Health to ensure maximum compliance and implementation of all recommendations. IWC Innovations offers you the highest level of peace of mind in a stressful situation by mobilizing quickly, sending an expert team, utilizing the most comprehensive proprietary remediation process on the market, and working with the Department of Health on your behalf, all while keeping the situation out of the public eye as best as possible.


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Episode 11: Considerations When a Remediation is Needed



When You Find Legionella

Discovering Legionella bacteria in your facility’s water system can be greatly distressing with potential legal, financial, and PR consequences. Your company’s reputation can be tarnished by negative news headlines.

It is essential that when choosing a company to help you during this critical time that you choose professionals who have the latest training, knowledge and certifications necessary.  The most recent professional qualification standard is the ASSE 12080 Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist certification.  IWC Innovations is proud to have five of our top professionals with this distinguished certification. 

Your company also should seek out an environmentally friendly form of remediation and a company that offers follow-up service after the process is completed. IWC Innovations offers a patented Legionella remediation process with little downtime for day-to-day operations or water systems. 

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HydroTreatTM Remediation & Sanitization

Our HydroTreatTM process is the most innovative Legionella remediation/sanitization process on the market. It is:

  • Safe

  • Fast acting

  • Organic

  • Low-profile

  • Non-corrosive

  • Highly Effective 

Key Features of HydroTreatTM Remediation

  • 4–12 hour average remediation process

  • Less than 24 hours for Legionella eradication

  • Little to no downtime for business

  • No need to turn off water supplies

  • No PR nightmare
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We have Legionella--

Now what?

Watch our video and learn more about the IWC Innovations remediation process!




The IWC team is comprised of experts in the field.  They will develop a sanitization plan specific to your water system and unique needs. 


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