What is Legionella?



Legionella is a word that scares a lot of people.

Legionella is a very difficult pathogen to deal with.

Legionella is a waterborne pathogen that was discovered in 1976. It is prevalent in domestic water systems and also non-potable water systems for cooling towers.

Legionella is so convoluted. It's so complicated. You don't want a company that just comes and tests, hands you the answers, and runs away. You need somebody who can walk you through it. There's no need to panic if Legionella is detected in your water.

For our customers and our clients, Legionella is an extreme risk that they have in their buildings. It's sometimes one that they know about, but many times, it's one that they don't know is there and that it's lurking in their water system.

We have developed many processes that allow us to mitigate your risk of getting Legionella and also removing Legionella when it does occur naturally in your systems.

A lot of times, with some vigilance and follow-up testing, it can be monitored and deemed safe, but there are other times that it's important and critical to react fast, and that's where a good partner can help you.


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