Considerations When a Remediation is Needed



When it comes to remediations and sanitizations of the building water system, this can be a highly stressful time and it's one of those topics that a lot of people don't have prior experience with. So, when Department of Health recommends a hyperchlorination of the water system or some sort of short-term disinfection, it can be really confusing not knowing where to start it. It all seems to be equal.

So, when you look across the different providers that do remediations, you really want to avoid what we call the "two guys and the chlorine truck". There really is a difference in the way that organizations approach remediations, and it is a specialty. So, some considerations to make as you're looking at a provider for your remediation is, really their expertise. What is their background? How much experience do they have when it comes to Legionella? Are remediations something they do on the side? Is it something that they do every single day? Because it is a very intensive process that needs to take a lot of care and effort to protect the building water system, to protect the people that are in that building. Because if you're putting high doses of very strong chemicals in the pipes, you need to make sure that the people that are in that building aren't coming in contact with that source. So, it's not just the technical side of the planning and execution, which we at IWC are very good at, but it's also the pre-planning process that goes into it and getting the building ready for the execution of this plan.

So, it's really important to understand the organization that you're working with because hyperchlorinations vary and really understanding the chemical process used is another consideration as well, because just chlorine in general is not as effective as some of the other approaches that people take. We at IWC have put a ton of time and energy into creating the most effective remediation process and use a variety of chemicals in our HydroTreat process to really attack that biofilm, and you don't want to have to go back and do this multiple times. So again, it's a very intensive process, but with the right provider you can be extremely effective with minimal impact to your facility.


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