Staying on Top of Legionella Mandates



We're seeing a lot more Legionella mandates right now around the country. So it started with CMS coming out with their S&C letter in 2017. The Joint Commission recently announced theirs. So that's kind of a broad spectrum right there, but each of the individual states are realizing how much of a risk Legionella bacterium is to public safety, and they're taking it upon themselves to require organizations to make a decision and force them into some action around it because they've identified it, and the data is overwhelming that prevention is so much better than an outbreak and it is preventable. And so, they're taking it upon themselves to put something in place. For building owners and operators, what we would recommend is stay in touch with your local water treater or Legionella consultant, because they have their finger on the pulse to new regulations. Things are changing all the time, and so it's part of what we do on a daily basis is to understand what's happening in the different jurisdictions, so use your local water treater or Legionella consultant.


Let IWC Innovations be your guide to Legionella mandates!