What Are Point of Use Filters?



Point-of-use filters are filters that we put on outlets that are designed to filter out Legionella bacteria, in our world, Legionella bacteria. So they're usually down to 0.2 micron, small enough to catch Legionella bacteria. We typically put them on sinks, showers, ice machines, different devices in your community.

So, this is a selection of point-of-use filters for a variety of different fixtures within a community. So, we have our sink filter right here, we've got our wall shower filter, we've got our hand wand shower filter for the different types, and then this is an inline filter that we use for ice machines.

You can utilize point-of-use filters proactively. However, it's really important to know and have a source for point-of-use filters as part of your Water Management Program in case you ever do have a case investigation or situation where you need to put a barrier between your building occupants and the water.


Enhance your Legionella prevention with filters!