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The Water Drop™: Season 2, Episode 8

The Water Drop™: Season 2, Episode 8

Considerations When Installing a Controller



We know how important a controller is, but it can be complicated to install one. There are two main considerations when you’re looking at installing a new controller. Prior to someone coming out to install your controller, you want to make sure that you have accessible high-pressure lines where you can put a tap going from the supply and a tap into the return so that we can put our plumbing going in and out of the cooling tower. Otherwise, you don’t have flow through the controller to be able to test anything and add chemical. One other big consideration is where you want to install the controller. In certain warmer and more temperate climates, you can install your controllers on the tower itself outside, with low-to-no cover, in other climates that are colder you might experience freezes you may want to put that inside somewhere, or somewhere where there is going to be some sort of heating, just so you don’t get any cracked lines when you get those cold nights. Controllers are vital pieces of equipment. Utilizing a water treatment professional can help you determine where they need to be and how to attach them to your supply and return lines.


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