What is a Water Management Plan?



A Water Management Plan is a program that's designed to help identify hazardous conditions within your facility, within your domestic water system and non-potable water system, as well. We want to make sure that we are working to remove bacteria and microbial growth out of plumbing system in order to maintain the overall health of your building and keep everything in good shape. In order to write a great Water Management Plan, you really want to have somebody who is knowledgeable of the ASHRAE 188 guidelines. They are the only standards that have been developed for the United States in regards to Water Management Plan programs, and when you look at some of the mandates out there, they will reference that you have a Water Management Plan program that is compliant with both ASHRAE 188 and the CDC Toolkit. The importance of a Water Management Plan cannot be understated, because your Water Management Plan is designed to be able to protect those who occupy that facility, be it a corporate office or a residence of some type that has a centralized hot water system.


Protect your facility with an ASHRAE 188 compliant water management plan.

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