Dealing with Legionella Recurrence



So, it's natural to see Legionella reoccurrence, once you've gone through a remediation of your building water system, and what's really important is to identify the root cause of your Legionella issues. Is it coming in from the city? Do you have a bunch of dead legs, is it the material of construction, is it your piping? Is it a renovation that is happening in your buildings? There’s a lot of different factors that go into Legionella reoccurring in your building, but I would say anyone that has a portfolio of buildings has one or two problem children within their portfolio, that it just keeps coming back, and so that can be very, very frustrating. When we do have these situations of Legionella recurrence, what we do and recommend is a full risk assessment of the building. It's physicochemical parameters of the water, it’s studying the metals and corrosion and what's happening within the pipes, it is doing a full building analysis with a lot of different testing to understand, again, that root cause. If you have Legionella recurrence, just know that it can be very frustrating, but with the right partner and the right consultant, they can help you identify that root cause and there is some sort of modality out there to help solve your problems.


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