Elevating Your Water Management Plan



One of the areas I see, or I experience when I am working with different customers is the current state of their Water Management Plans. There is a lot of area of opportunity for getting things a little bit better, so one of the areas where you can elevate it is, first have a third party come in to do the risk assessment and put together that Water Management Plan. There is a ton of risk in trying to do it yourself, because there's going to be questions around what did you do and why did you do it, and it's important to have that background to be able to explain, so first thing you do to level up that Water Management Plan: have somebody that specializes in developing Water Management Plans come in, make sure it's aligned with the ASHRAE Standard 188, and then implement it with your building management platform or CMMS platform so you can easily manage and document your tasks.

Overall, having a Water Management Plan is extremely important, and a Water Management Plan is not just a piece of paper that says Water Management Plan on the top of it, it is a comprehensive risk assessment of your building, implementing the proper control measures, program team, corrective actions. It's a very important component of risk prevention in a facility.


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