High Risk Areas for Legionella



High risk areas for Legionella are showers, sinks, ice machines, drinking fountains because they provide an opportunity for Legionella bacteria to get into your lungs. Showers specifically, they are sitting there, they might not have been used for a while, you turn them on all the sudden you see the mist in the shower. I use it sometimes to you know, un-wrinkle my shirts when I am staying at hotels but, you see the mist coming out from it. Same with sinks, you have the opportunity to aerosolize, but you might also get water down the wrong tube, and that's what happens with ice machines, you get water down the wrong tube, it gets into your lungs, and you then can contract Legionnaire's Disease. It's important when you're developing a Water Management Program and implementing those best practices and control measures, to work with somebody that is knowledgeable on the devices within a facility that provide a risk and can give you the proper control measures to prevent Legionella or other waterborne pathogen growth within that fixture.


Are you addressing the high-risk areas for Legionella at your facility?

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