What is a Water Treatment Site Visit?



A site visit, when it comes to water treatment, is an onsite assessment of the entire cooling system and water treatment system. Site visits are recommended prior to any service starting so that there can be the correct determination of what needs to be done to keep these systems in place and making sure that the right course of action is being taken moving forward. So, it's somebody that has a knowledge of water treatment, somebody that's really good at identifying the different devices and factors that are associated with that water treatment system. They come in, pull samples from the cooling tower and from the closed loop. They are able to capture that information, take pictures, take notes of observations that they see and it's really about critical thinking. They analyze what has been done previously with potentially another water treater, or in-house, whatever it may be, and then they determine the best course of action so that you're getting the maximum performance, efficiency and longevity out of your water system equipment, I mean it's expensive equipment we don't want to keep replacing these, and water is corrosive, so we need to make sure that things are being done properly so that these systems last you a long time. You cannot provide a proper Water Treatment Program without laying your eyes on the equipment, having the data you need to put that together, so beware of the provider that gives you a price without ever seeing your equipment in your current state.


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