Season Changeover: What do I Need to Know?



We're at the midst of season changeover and what that means is that you're turning off your boilers, you're turning on your cooling towers, you're changing your systems over. It's usually a busy time of year for your maintenance staff. A lot of things happen in season changeover. Your cooling towers, most likely, depending on where you are in the country, have been dormant and drained for the whole winter season. So, you want to start looking at your tower and make sure it's clean, free of any large debris, preferably do a power washing or something to remove any fine debris. You also want to just take a look at your fans, make sure they're rotating without any weird noises, check your belts to make sure they're properly tension, maybe lubricate any parts. It's a good time to just take a gander at everything that's happening in your system.

You should check in with your maintenance supervisor to make sure that they're checking all of these things on your tower on a regular basis. And season changeover is a good time to do that.


Are You Ready for Season Changeover?