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                                      Uptick in cases of Legionnaires' Disease

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                                      Within the past year, we have seen an aggressive increase in televised reports and news articles about the discovery of Legionella. The waterborne bacteria has steadily increased its appearances across the country since it was first discovered back in 1976. What was first only a concern in larger cities on the East Coast, is now gaining national attention - with a sudden uptick in cases this summer.



                                      The Legionella market is growing exponentially for a myriad of reasons. Within the previous five years, the aging United States water infrastructure and the increased population of seniors who are most susceptible to contracting Legionnaires’ Disease have been the pinpoints of growth in the industry.

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                                      The very recent demand for early diagnosis of any infectious disease, brought about by the recent pandemic, is now a prime factor propelling the growth of the market. Correspondingly, the growing prevalence of Legionella outbreaks and rise in awareness among the population concerning the preventive measures that must take place, are bringing the need for water safety to an all-time high.


                                      This awareness has also brought about the increasing demand for rapid diagnostic techniques and the push for more technological methods for managing Legionella in building water systems. Additionally, to manage the growing prevalence of Legionella, regulatory groups are increasing their standards.  The most recent example of regulatory groups increasing their requirements is the Joint Commission and their approved new standard on water management programs that address Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.


                                      IWC specializes in Legionella risk management and programs that improve the safety of your facility building water system. Contact IWC to find out more about our Legionella Risk Assessments and how we can help your facility comply with local and national regulations. 

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