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New Year, New Water!



New Year, New Water and water age is extremely important when it comes to Legionella control and getting fresh new water into your building, and one of the best control measures that you can do is flushing your building. So, a flushing protocol is a three, to five, to ten-minute running of a faucet. You go into a room, flip on the faucet or shower, let it run, get the water moving through the system and re-introduce fresh city water in. Shut it down, document that you did it and move onto the next room and that helps get disinfectant levels back up, reduces stagnation which will help the biofilm on the inside of the pipes. It’s a new year, nothing better than starting fresh with some fresh city water in your building, if you don’t have a flushing protocol as part of your Water Management Plan and prevention strategy, implement it today.



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