How do you Analyze Legionella Test Results? Part 2



I go do Legionella testing, you know pop open the bottle, fill it up, send it back in. In 7-10 days, I get the test results back, and it comes back negative, that’s a really good thing because that means your Water Management Plan is working as intended. So, what we recommend is continuing to execute your Water Management Program, you are seeing good results, but stay vigilant. Just because that single test result, that test report, came back as non-detect does not mean you can’t undergo an event - a water main break or a shutdown of an area of the facility. The facilities are changing all of the time, so it’s about continuing to stay vigilant with that Water Management Program. That doesn’t mean “Oh, we can stop doing whatever we were doing.” Continue on with what you are doing, document the activities and you will continue to have non-detects. Non-detect Legionella results are what we are striving for and its proof that a proper Water Management Plan is producing the results that are intended.


What is your current Legionella testing program? Do you have one?