Legionella Due Diligence When Taking Over a Building



We work with many building owners, and when they are taking over buildings, one of the risks that they don't necessarily know they have is Legionella in their building. So what we recommend is prior to taking over a building as part of the due diligence process, having Legionella testing done, making sure a Water Management Plan is in place, just to understand the current state of that building because we've had a couple of customers reach out to us, and right after taking over a building, all of a sudden the Legionella issue pops up and it's something that maybe could have been identified prior to taking over that building. And there's a lot of expense when it comes to remediating a building water system, and knowing that, and having that information is super important prior to taking over a building.

If you do discover Legionella prior to taking over, what you can do is ask the previous owner to eradicate the biofilm or conductive remediation prior to taking over the building, making sure that they have really taken care of the problem, and delay closing until that issue has been taken care of.

In summary, what I would say is: understand the state of your building water system, have a plan for it, and even after taking over ownership, make sure to implement a Water Management Plan that follows the ASHRAE standard, implement Legionella testing quarterly, semi-annually, and then make sure to be really vigilant and have your staff be up to speed on water management best practices.


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