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The Water Drop™: Season 2, Episode 11

The Water Drop™: Season 2, Episode 11

Potential Outcomes of a Case Investigation



There are many potential outcomes of a case investigation and they’re not one-size fits all scenarios, it’s not always this, then this, then this. It’s really that Plinko board of “Ok this happened, now we have to go over here.” We, as Legionella consultants, have seen it all, in many different outcomes when it comes to case investigations. You go through, you get on this call, you follow the actions and recommendations of the Department of Health, and the best case scenario is that test results came back negative, you know, or non-detect, it’s not associated with your building, they will say “Thank you for going through this process, and we recommend implementing a water management plan if you don’t have one, and testing, and you are back to normal operation.” On the most extreme end, it can lead to a chemical shock treatment of the system or a remediation. It can lead to secondary disinfection, so the ongoing treatment of that water. It can lead to piping replacements. So that is on the really extreme end, and we’ve seen organizations and facilities that have gone through and followed everything to a T, but you still end up having to do these things because you have Legionella in your building. It’s about how you respond to this situation that will really propel you to success.


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