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                                      Keeping Our Children Safe From Harm Is A Key Priority

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                                      School administrators and facility maintenance personnel can find they have inherited the management of all building water systems.  With this task comes the responsibility for ensuring that water systems are safe from Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.  We help school districts keep their buildings safe and free of risk. 

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                                      Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks in the United States have increased 967% since 2000. More and more people are being sickened by the Legionella bacterium through exposure to contaminated and untreated building water systems. 

                                      Headlines surround an increased number of outbreaks in schools across the United States. Legionella lurks in schools water supplies. Currently there are no national laws for school buildings to fight the presences of Legionella bacteria, but many states are taking important steps to keep students, teachers and educational staff safe from this harmful bacterium. Read more about the latest laws and mandates in our recent blog article: Virginia the First to Mandate Water Management Programs In Schools.


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