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5 Helpful Tips for Legionella Prevention

5 Helpful Tips for Legionella Prevention

Today is the last day of Legionella Prevention Month.  With that in mind we want to highlight a few more strategies you can implement to keep your buildings and facilities safe from Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria is most commonly found in water.  Legionella bacteria cause Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal type of pneumonia contracted by inhaling water droplets containing Legionella bacteria.  Anyone can develop Legionnaires’ disease, but those who are elderly, smokers, or have impaired immune systems are at a higher risk.





Factors That Lead to Legionella Growth

A variety of internal and external factors can lead to a Legionella problem in your building, including:

  • Construction

  • Water main breaks

  • Changes in municipal water quality

  • Biofilm

  • Scale and sediment

  • Water temperature fluctuations

  • pH fluctuations

  • Inadequate levels of disinfectant

  • Changes in water pressure

  • Water stagnation




Controlling Water Temperatures

Legionella bacteria grows best within a certain temperature range (77° F - 108° F). Keep water outside the range for Legionella growth, keep your cold water cold, and hot water hot.


Make Sure Disinfectant Amounts Are Right

When there is a decline in disinfectant levels in your building water systems, Legionella can grow.  Your building water supply may need long-term supplemental disinfectants added to the water to limit Legionella growth.  Legionella Solutions has a natural, fast and cost-effective preventative program called HydroTreat.  Our revolutionary solution is an all in one solution to prevent biofilm growth in your building.


Prevent Stagnation

When water does not flow, the results can lead to biofilm growth.  It is important to fully understand the flow of water in your building in order to identify areas of risk where water may become stagnant and allow Legionella bacteria to grow.


Operate and Maintain Equipment

Maintaining and operating your building’s equipment effectively will help prevent biofilm from contaminating your water system which provides a habitat and conditions for Legionella growth.  If you are unsure on how to keep your equipment operating effectively, contact IWC to receive a Free Water Analysis.


Monitor External Influences

Construction, water main breaks, and changes in municipal water quality are all important factors to consider when monitoring Legionella growth.  Monitor these changes and identify how they could affect your entire building water system.


Where Legionella Can Grow or Spread

Certain devices within your building or facility can spread contaminated water droplets.  These following examples should be monitored as potential sources for Legionella growth:


  • Hot and cold water storage tanks

  • Water heaters

  • Water hammer arrestors

  • Expansion tanks

  • Water filters

  • Electronic and manual faucets

  • Aerators

  • Faucet flow restrictors

  • Showerheads and hoses

  • Pipes, valves, and fittings

  • Centrally installed misters, atomizers, air washers, and humidifiers

  • Nonstream aerosol-generating humidifiers

  • Infrequently used equipment including eyewash stations

  • Ice machines

  • Hot tubs

  • Decorative fountains

  • Cooling towers

  • Medical equipment (such as CPAP machines, hydrotherapy equipment, bronchoscopes)


Water management plans and testing for Legionella bacteria are imperative for keeping your employees, customers and visitors safe.  As responsible corporate stewards, building owners want to protect the people who occupy their facilities as well as their investment. Through development and maintenance of a Legionella water management plan and Legionella testing plans tailored specifically to your facility’s unique needs, we can help you achieve this goal.


Contact IWC to see how we can help you in the fight to prevent Legionella growth in your buildings’ water systems.  #PREVENTLEGIONELLA





Content Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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