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Four Benefits of Working WITH a Small Business

Posted by IWC Innovations on Feb 24, 2021



A small business can provide you with a specialized skill set that is meant to address a particular need.

For example, in our line of service it would be common if you run into let’s say… a water borne disease problem, you could hire a large company to come in and inspect the issue. They may send someone who has dealt with your particular problem nearly one hundred times or send someone who has only been out in the field twice. Large companies make people into numbers and assign numbers to job tasks. When working with a small company, they have less in-field techs with more diverse experience. For this reason, you know you are hiring somebody with specialized talent who has what it takes to provide you with top-notch results.


Working with a small business means that they are much more flexible and able to make changes necessary to accommodate your needs.

Small business employees do not have to submit forms, multiple pieces of paperwork, or scheduled trips to the head office to explore a customer request. Rather than waiting a week or two to get answers from the “big dogs” a simple phone call, email, or decision themselves can determine if they can meet your needs.

Working From Home


For most companies, there is nothing quick about the process of hiring them for a job. There are many problems with this, including the fact that it can take a long time to get the help you need, especially if it is a serious concern.

With a small company, you can get up and running in a more efficient manner. There is less paperwork. There are fewer hassles in regard to the entire process itself!

Utilizing a large company for a service or need could take many weeks or months. Hiring a small, specialized company for your needs could be accomplished within a matter of hours or days!


In combination of specialized talent, increased flexibility and immediate assistance, perhaps the best reason of all to work with a small company is the amount of time you will save along the way.

No time spent on extensive paperwork or going through several meeting with different representatives to determine your needs. Small businesses are fast, effective and get to the point.

Small Company vs. Big Corporation



There are times when hiring or contracting a service from a large company is the best decision for your business. However, don’t let comfortability of a “big name” cloud your judgement in regard to the benefits of using smaller companies to help your business. From the affordability to the flexibility, a small company partnership (or two) may be just what your company needs.


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