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                                      ULTRA qPCR™ Legionella Testing

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                                      Legionellosis is a disease caused by Legionella pneumophila and related Legionella bacteria. The severity of the infection varies from a mild illness (Pontiac fever) to a potentially fatal form of pneumonia (Legionnaires’ disease).

                                      The most common form of transmission of Legionella is the inhalation of contaminated aerosols. Legionella bacteria become a health concern when they grow and spread in man-made building water systems like:

                                      • Shower heads and Sink Faucets
                                      • Cooling Towers
                                      • Centralized Air-Cooling Systems
                                      • Hot Tubs or Spas
                                      • Decorative Fountains and Water Features
                                      • Hot Water Tanks and Heaters
                                      • Large, Complex Plumbing Systems

                                      Traditional culture methods are widely used for the detection of Legionella in water. This method is time consuming and regularly takes up to two weeks before results can be reported. Waiting two weeks for results leads to critical delays in establishing proper protocols for clearing your facility of deadly Legionella bacteria when present. IWC Innovations now offers the latest scientific modernization in Legionella testing – ULTRA qPCR™.




                                      Our newest testing method delivers the most accurate results for testing water for Legionella bacteria. The ULTRA qPCR™ test distinguishes “live ” from “dead ” cells, while also detecting the Legionella Species. ULTRA qPCR™ further categorizes Legionella pneumophila SG1/SG2 -15. Superior quantitative results are determined and can be delivered Next Day.



                                      • Distinguishes "Live" from "Dead" Cells 
                                      • Results Next Day or in 2-3 Days Depending on Service Selected
                                      • Detects L. pneumophila SG1, 2-15 and L. Species 
                                      • Quantitative Reporting
                                      • Unmatched Accuracy
                                      • Free Convenient Shipping of Samples and Supplies
                                      • Next-Gen Legionella Testing
                                      • Exceptional Customer Service and Reporting of Results
                                      • Consultative Services Available in the Event of a Positive Test Result
                                      • CDC Elite Certified, ISO 17025 Accredited, A2LA Accredited Lab as well as AOC, MicoVal, and AFNOR Certified Expert Lab.


                                      In the past testing specialists have wanted a more rapid test, but have been told:

                                      • PCR can’t distinguish live from dead cells
                                      • Rapid methods can’t give a quantitative result
                                      • CDC demands that the culture method is used
                                      • I have always used the culture method, no benefit to amending my approach

                                      Ultra qPCR Comparison Chart


                                      In exposure cases, timing is extremely important. Outlined here is a common timeline for an expected legionella bacteria outbreak utilizing the traditional culture testing method: 


                                      Here is the exact same scenario, 40 days faster utilizing ULTRA qPCR™ testing.


                                      With the latest developments in Legionella testing techniques and the introduction of ULTRA qPCR™, we can show that this method is not only reliable, but in many cases the best choice and considered best practice when testing for Legionella on a regular schedule or when investigating a Legionella contamination event.


                                      To find out more about IWC Innovations ULTRA qPCR™ Legionella testing click the link below or call 1-887-IWC-PLAN to speak with one of our testing specialists.

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